Weekly Seeed Wiki Updates

hello everyone! we hope everyone is staying safe from covid-19 and wishing you all good health! it's the final week of april and we decided to bring you all something new. starting from this week, we will have this page dedicated to bring you all the updates at seeed on a weekly basis. we will bring you news regarding our new wiki page releases, old wiki page updates, ongoing projects and also community feedback, so that you can have glimpse of everything through this page. so stay tuned with us and don't forget to visit this page every week!

Learn with Seeed

We have newly added the Grove Multichannel Gas Sensor V2 wiki page3d开奖号446前后关系157. Grove-Multichannel Gas Sensor V2 has 4 independent sensor elements in one package, each of them being sensitive to various kinds of gases, which means you are able to obtain four sets of data at the same time. If you want to know more about this product, you can watch the video below.

We have also added a TensorFlow Lite Tutorial to play with the Wio Terminal. In this tutorial the Wio Terminal can recognize your gestures. Using this demo, you can build gesture sensor related applications by learning TensorFlow through Wio Terminal.

Furthermore we added a WIFI/TCP Tutorial for the Wio Terminal. We got a lot of feedback from our users after following this tutorial, saying that our WIFI/TCP API is very similar to the one used on the ESP8266 and ESP32 platforms. This is exactly what we wanted. When we designed this software, we wanted to reduce the cost of learning for our users, and to support everyone's favorite coding methods.

We released a video of ArduPy last week. This video clearly tells everyone why we wanted to bring Ardupy Software to life. After many internal workshops, we have determined the best user usage methods of this. Click here3d开奖号446前后关系157 to follow the getting started guide of Ardupy. We hope you will love Ardupy!


  1. We fixed the issue3d开奖号446前后关系157 of using ODYSSEY-X86J4105 on the serial port.

  2. in addition, we have carefully selected seeed products which suits most of our users needs and prepared comparisons between products with similar functions. these pages can be very helpful to select the appropriate product you need by carefully comparing the relavant product parameters and other information.

  3. Seeed Health Sensor Selection Guide
  4. Seeed Gas Sensor Selection Guide
  5. Seeed Barometer Selection Guide
  6. Seeed Accelerometer Sensor Selection Guide
  7. Seeed Relay Selection Guide

if you have any questions or comments, please don't hesistate to hop on to our and discuss with us directly! we greatly value your feedback and opinions because we always grow and prosper together with our users and the community!

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